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David Oglesby

Visual Design Strategist
I’ve been a visual design strategist for 15 years, producing fresh creative across interactive and print marketing that elicits emotion for internationally respected companies.

Whether working in software, healthcare, non-profit, or other B2B industries, I believe effective creative starts in the same place: connecting your audience with a visual story that evokes emotion. Today everything is about the user experience, but I know designing with your audience in mind has always been the heart of design. You want to build trust, engage emotional attachment, and motivate users to specific interactions leading to measurable results. To do this I collaborate with team members to learn about the audience, the context, and business goals.

The best creative comes from our experiences. So, as an individual and a professional, I believe in lifelong learning. I enjoy passing my passions and experiences along by mentoring those around me, from young designers to business partners.

In my downtime, you might even run into me on a hiking trail expressing my creativity with photography or performing magic to bring a smile to someone’s week.

If you’d like to learn more about how my services can help your company, please reach out to me.

David Oglesby


A showcase of my works

Be it software, healthcare, non-profit, or retail, take a look and see how we can help you speak to your customer in a market where everyone is crying out for their attention.


What I'm good at

I take brands and make them memorable by making them visual. I do this by integrating web, print, and social to speak to your unique audience with a unified visual message.

I have strengthened Fortune 100 companies by maintaining their brand consistency. I’ve also worked with teams at startups to deliver quality brand visuals that effectively position them against larger competitors.

Interactive UX

Web Design




Sales Sheets
Trade-show Design


That’s how I work

We use a proven process that will break down the complex problem and bring it to a focused solution.

Defining the problem

We begin by asking the right questions; because you can’t discover the solution until you define the problem.

Conduct the research

Gather information about the competitive space. Define the approach by taking photos, and sketches, and gathering data for inspiration on the approach.


Understand how the information you’ve gathered impacts your design to solve problem through sketching your thoughts.

Design & development

Take your preliminary ideas and form workable solutions.

Gather feedback

Make sure the user experience is what you expect through testing and feedback.

Product launch

See your solution, and create change.


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